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The process of ageing skin is multifaceted and causes both physiological and structural changes. One such change is the loss of fat, otherwise known as lipoatrophy, which primarily effects facial areas.

In spite of the popularity of hyaluronic acid injections, a recent change in consumer behaviour has started opening doors to greener, safer, more efficient and non-invasive alternatives. 

Chemyunion created Cellfie as a response to the public’s search for alternatives to invasive ways of treating wrinkles and expression lines. This new ingredient substitutes traditional facial fillers, while delivering exceptional results from topical skin treatments.  


Cellfie is a precise and efficient delivery system created from thyme extracts. It works with adipocytes to stimulate adiponectin (the main biological marker responsible for adipogenesis regulation) 5x the standard and restores cellular memory for natural and noticeable skin rejuvenation.  


 Testing has proved the effectiveness of Cellfie’s ability to reduce deep wrinkles along with other benefits:


  • Improves wrinkles and facial contour, as a powerful alternative to invasive fillers.  

  • In vivo results have shown reduction on area, length and depth of perioral, periorbital wrinkles, smile and nasolabial lines. 

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Shine is directly linked to the health and beauty of the hair.

Oils, vegetable extracts and silicones top the list of ingredients used to promote immediate shine. But, they can cause unwanted short-term side effects – not just for hair, but the environment as well. 

Efficiency and sustainability are the “key ingredients” for the majority of cosmetic developments. This fact is even more relevant in this progressively eco-friendly market. Fortunately, new ways of creating shine have been discovered and tested. These have focused on using innovative formulations that provide great results to the customer.


ProShine is Chemyunion’s new active ingredient, designed to follow the main principles of Green Chemistry, and to provide intense shine and color highlights to dyed, discoloured, or natural hair. It’s 100% plant-based and biodegradable.

Proshine interacts with the main keratin structures in the capillary fibre, forming a uniform molecular film with a high reflective index. These qualities are fundamental for getting an intense shine. The intermolecular interaction between the hydroxyl group of the esters that form ProShine’s molecules and the amino acids in the strands is proven using in silico modeling.


  • 127% greater shine on discolored hair, 42% greater on dyed hair, and 19% greater on

natural hair. 

  • 428% greater shine compared to placebo on discolored hair and 184% greater shine than the placebo for undyed hair.

  • Highlights natural or dyed color.



Retinoids are substances derived from vitamin A and are known for their powerful results in skin rejuvenation. 

It is common to find retinol-based dermocosmetics on the market; however, its positive results are accompanied by some side effects, causing dermatitis in at least 90% of patients. Irritation can cause flaking, burning and itching, and for more sensitive skin the product is not recommended. In addition, users of synthetic retinoids are instructed to avoid the sun – or to use more sunscreen – in order not to compromise the treatment.

 Inspired by natural cosmetics, this alternative has characteristics and performance similar to synthetic retinoids, but without their sensitising effects such as irritation, keratitis and photosensitivity, thus providing much more safety to the consumer.


Since retinol-like molecules are stable, continuous use is allowed (day and night), which increases adherence to the treatment.

Chemyunion created Revinage®, the true retinol-like (plant-based, extracted from Bidens Pilosa), which binds to the RXR receptor, regulating cell proliferation and differentiation, thus ensuring greater skin firmness, stimulating collagen and treating wrinkles, using the same biological pathways as retinol.


Due to its high stability against oxidation and light, Revinage® is a safe alternative that can be used even during the day, without contraindication, in addition to presenting a soothing effect on the skin.

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