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Fragrance Solutions for Ethnic Hair Care

AFrican woman looking at her curly hair

Fragrance in hair care is more than just a pleasant perk - it's an important part of the overall experience and often plays an important part of the success and acceptance of products by consumers.  Fragrance solutions for ethnic hair care help ensure that a well-matched fragrance. which can lead to lifelong loyalty whilst an unpleasant one can be a deal breaker. 

Scentmakers and fragrance experts Fragrance Oils International, shared with some thoughts on the fragrance solutions for ethnic hair care, whilst highlighting what types of fragrances are popular in this market.

Hair care has evolved into a sensory experience and quite often, a product is not only judged on its performance, but how it makes the consumer feel and when it comes to ethnic hair, it is a multi-phase process with fragrance playing a vital role.

KEY TRENDS: Fragrance Solutions for Ethnic Hair Care

Here we take a closer look at some key fragrance trends, starting with shampoos and waterless cleansers. Vibrant fruity notes are popular in this category, in particular tropical fruits with sweet gourmand facets such as pineapple, mango and coconut. Fruity fragrances are bold and impactful but also convey a fresh message, making them perfect for the cleansing stage.  Also popular are rich red berry notes and sophisticated white florals, particularly amongst products with a more premium positioning. 


Ethnic hair often lacks moisture, so the conditioning step is important. Consumers can choose from a vast array of products from leave-in treatments that provide hydration, to hair food that nourishes and strengthens the hair. Within conditioning products, gourmand fragrances are popular which help to convey a caring and nurturing message. 

Ethnic hair comes in so many textures but consumers sometimes want a new look, and opt for straight, sleek styles. Hair relaxers help to chemically straighten the hair but it is a challenge finding a scent that consumers will like but that also masks powerful base odours. Luscious, sweet fruits, dewy green notes and powdery florals tend to perform well for this function. Fragrance Oils International have also created Odouraze, a unique fragrance technology that counteracts unpleasant odours.  Odouraze is ideal for use in hair relaxers.  


Embracing one’s natural hair remains popular across ethnic hair care and ingredients, such as shea butter, honey, aloe and avocado are popular.


For more information on Fragrance Oils International, Odouraze and other fragrances contact visit

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