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Fragrant Comeback

Lengthy lockdowns across the globe caused major disruption in the fine fragrance category, but it seems the future smells sweet...

As industry data promisingly demonstrates, sales within the fine fragrance category in 2021 experienced a positive rise. While it is possibly too early to suggest that increased sales will continue at the same buoyant level, there is absolutely a sense of scented optimism in the air.

The Great Ecommerce Glow Up

The pandemic initially caused a drop in fine fragrance sales as non-essential shopping halted, but with a forced move to ecommerce, embracing the power of samples, social media conversation and other digital tools, fragrance began to perform strongly online. Pair this with a suppressed consumer need to make an effort with their appearance and socialise again following the lockdown, and you can see why fragrance has bounced back.

Progressive Society

A revolution is taking place as the conversation against harmful filtered images of perfection on social media grows in strength. Instead, consumers are championing self-love and acceptance. Perfect no longer means flawless, it means celebrating the things that make us individual.

Championed by Generation Z, being unique is a true superpower, and in a desire to express individuality, consumers are actively looking for the perfect fine fragrance to convey their personality in scent.

On the back of this, perfumers are being more creative than ever in their formulations, abandoning former unwritten rules around gender preferences and age, and even being more daring in the use of unusual and contrasting notes within the scent itself. Brands are also championing diversity and incorporating a sense of empowerment within their product stories to target a market looking to evolve.

Sustainable Scent

With sustainability a key factor across all categories, fine fragrance brands and retailers are promoting the use of materials from sustainable sources, in everything from the fragrance itself, right the way through to the packaging. They are also changing the narrative on synthetic materials, educating consumers on the possibility of recreating the scents of nature without negative impact on their wellbeing or environment.

Naturally Fragrant

A preference for natural ingredients has seen a rise in demand for fragrances which are true to nature in their composition. Linked to the trend for functional fragrance, consumers believe in the power of nature to enhance their wellbeing, inspiring a whole host of woody and green notes within new launches. This is set to evolve with the addition of earthy notes to really capture a sense of outdoors and escapism.

Nineties Nostalgia

The revival of 90’s and noughties fashion and style trends is impacting the fragrance sector as we have noted a rise in compositions that were popular during that period, namely fruity compositions. While this ties in heavily with the desire for nostalgia that came to the fore during the pandemic, it also represents the relationship between fashion and fragrance.

Hitting The Right Note

In both music and fragrance alike, the perfect melody depends on the right notes. The Scentmakers at Fragrance Oils have detailed the notes influencing the latest compositions:

  • Lush Fruits: In particular sweet, subtly aquatic lychee and juicy tropical notes.

  • Texturizers: Leather is bringing a rich warmth and depth, while suede, soft velvety facets.

  • Vetiver: Vibrant, woody and aromatic, it brings a quality element to a scent.

  • Sage: Strong and confident, this herb is bringing a peppery freshness.

  • Musk: Offering a whispering trail that boasts a uniqueness depending on the wearer.

  • Florals: In particular, twists on the classics of rose, jasmine and tuberose.

  • Coffee:. Its aromatic, energising profile, is appearing within many a fragrance.

Chemgrit Cosmetics is the official distributor of Fragrance Oils International product in South Africa. For more information and samples contact or visit

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