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Fresh Harvest for Fragrance

For years gourmand notes such as caramel, candyfloss and chocolate have been blended to create mouth-wateringly sweet scents, but according to Fragrance Oils International, the world of fragrance is set to be inspired by a whole harvest of ingredients as a bounty of vegetables and spices bring new textures and unique facets of crisp freshness and warmth to launches.


Consumers are more experimental than ever before as the barriers between male

and female scent have come crashing down and notes once considered gender specific are now weaved in new and innovative ways for a more fluid appeal. This revolutionary approach to fragrance has been a huge hit with consumers as sales of unisex scents have soared, piquing curiosity and paving the way for a plethora of new ingredients.

Gastronomical Scent

While perfumers are no stranger to spices within scent, recent years have seen newer interpretations that bring spices closer to their natural state to bring a unique freshness to launches. White, black and pink pepper, turmeric, ginger and cardamom are no longer purely added for their aromatic nature, but for their clean, crisp facets. While saffron, clove and cinnamon are bringing a warmth that is truly authentic.

Vegetables are set to follow suit. Already fully embraced within formulations for their skin and hair caring properties, ingredients such as avocado, mushroom, tomato, carrot and even cabbage appeal to the trend for more natural formulations, and now, vegetables are inspiring perfumers. Once overlooked in favour of sweeter fruits and precious florals, they are bringing crunchy, mouth-watering sensations to scent and consumers, constantly looking for a unique fragrance experience, are more willing than ever to explore.

Another driver behind this trend is the celebration of vegetables and their ability to sustain life, inspiring everything from veganism, natural beauty, sustainability and now of course, fragrance. Vegetables are being celebrated in every form and so now is the time to consider how you can bring them into your very own fragrance library.

In addition to fine fragrance, home fragrance products could really draw off this theme. Whether incorporated into a fragrance or used within the name to create a sense of intrigue. While there have been ranges in the past that have taken inspiration from garden ingredients, this new trend offers more scope for exploration.

Earthy Patchouli & Carrot Seed, Fiery Rose & Chilli, Airy Ocean Breeze & Sea Fennel or Watery Lily & Cucumber. Bath and shower ranges could also benefit from the inclusion of clean, juicy vegetable notes, especially when combined with a recognisable ingredient to make them relatable. Other products such as hair care and even cleaning products could also draw on vegetable notes which will bring connotations of their natural benefits. This emerging trend is opening a whole new world of possibilities.

For information on Fragrance Oils fragrances for use in perfumes, personal and homecare contact Chemgrit Cometics.

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