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New focus in Hair Care

Whether it's seasonal, stress-related, or it's one of the residual effects of COVID-19 infection (which some doctors believe could be due to the stress of actually having it), there has been increased concern in hair loss in the past year.

When treating hair thinning, you want to keep the hair itself in as good shape as possible, but more importantly, you need to keep the scalp healthy because a healthy scalp allows follicles to function to the best of their ability so hairs can grow.

Many brands are now pushing products catered to hair restoration. Though it's important to note that the hair restoration market is a tricky one to navigate, mostly because it's hard to tell how effective the products really are.

Peptides are often helpful when it comes to treating hair loss and thinning - peptides are messengers that tell our skin cells to perform a specific job. Some stimulate collagen, others have anti-inflammatory benefits. There are also peptides that have been shown to enhance the activity of the hair follicles, which is why they are also used in products for lash, brows, and hair growth.

Ingredients like flax protein which fight breakage, and biotin and keratin that help strengthen the hair are used in hair growth and thickening products.

Multitasking Scalp Care

With more people experiencing hair loss and hair maintenance being up to the individual, it's become important to care for the scalp at home. Multitasking products, formulated not just to deliver a healthy scalp, but also to stimulate hair growth, clarify the scalp and actual hair of impurities, while fortify the hair have emerged.

At-Home Colour Care

With salons continuing to open and close based on local COVID restriction and due to infections amongst staff, getting a touch-up on your dye job has been challenging.

Strained finances have also limited the number of in-salon treatments customers are able to afford. With this in mind, brands are coming up with various colour-care and maintenance products that are user-friendly and affordable.

Blondes, in particular, need to pay special attention to how they maintain their colour so purple shampoo and other purple-tinted products have become popular.

Affordable Curl Care

Thanks to the natural hair revolution, there are more options than ever for curly-haired folks. Retail brands are capitalising on this with many now launching offerings that specifically address the full variety of curl types. Products may include a pre-poo, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as a defining leave-in conditioner.

Chemgrit works with suppliers who provide various ingredient solutions for hair care. Chemyunion already supplies Activeshine® Amazon 3R, a natural alternative to silicones which provides immediate visual improvement to hair and it is about to launch Allinea, a biodegradable active, which offers an umbrella effect and long-lasting frizz control to the hair.

For more information contact Chemgrit Cosmetics.

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