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One Size Fits All: The Rise of Gender-Neutral Fragrances

Androgynous fragrances aren’t an entirely new concept, but with more and more brands becoming keen to blur the boundaries, the offering of made-to-share scents is expanding at a rapid rate.

Over the last year, the world of perfumery continued to explore the genre of gender-neutral fragrances in greater depth, by challenging clichés and formulating compositions that appeal to both sexes. During 2018, the growing desire for non-gender-labelled perfumery was reflected in sales. Now touted an opportunity-rich category, many of the major players and even fashion-houses are becoming doubly keen to grab a piece of the action.

Whether it be femme and floral accents traditionally reserved ‘for women’, or spicy, woody facets that were once labelled ‘for men’. As conversations about gender equality are sure to continue, there is no doubt that this theme will carry over to the next realm of fragrances in the following year!

Here are a few examples of fragrances that have moved away from gendered boundaries: Diptyque’s Tempo and Ombré Leather from Tom Ford are characterised by sensual woody notes with leather and oriental accents that are traditionally more masculine.

Due to their feminine nature florals are more commonly reserved for women, however perfumers are also weaving timeless floral accents into their latest gender-neutral creations for a touch of modern freshness, for example P. de Nicolai’s Néroli Intense and Rose & White Musk Absolu from Jo Malone.

Aromatic citruses are gaining in complexity and have grown to become a staple fragrance direction within the unisex category. Recent interpretations of this clean, refreshing theme including Chanel Paris – Deauville, Jo by Loves Jo and Prada Infusion of Mandarine, have seen citruses twisted with green, earthy notes and the warmth of spicy undertones to create fragrances with increased longevity.

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