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Skincare Trends 2021

Whilst we are all tired of talking about the awful year that was 2020, it cannot be ignored as it is going to shape the way many industries approach business, new trends and future plans. The beauty and skincare industry is no different. As lockdown saw salons closed most of us had to become our own hairstylists, beauty therapists and nail technicians. We learnt a lot – found some stuff could be done quite successfully at home with a little effort and that, other treatments really are best left to the professional.

However, many of the trends emerging for the industry are as a result of what was experienced in 2020. REAL SIMPLE highlighted a few of these in a recent article and we chose the one’s we found most interesting to share with you.

1. Elevated hygiene

Hand soap and sanitiser might not be the most glamorous of beauty categories—but they are here to stay and so what has become a necessity is also getting some royal treatment and becoming a little more luxurious. You can expect to see scents and packaging be upgraded, and experts say formulations are also set to become more suitable (read: hydrating) for skin.

2. Clean and transparent skincare

This is a trend that had already started pre-Covid, but it seems to have gained even more traction. Consumers want to know what’s in their products, and rightfully so. This has put companies under pressure to look for more sustainable formulas and ethical practices.

3. Advanced blue light protection

Thanks to the pandemic, just about everything in our lives has turned digital. But while the damaging effects of blue light on skin are no secret, companies are discovering more innovative ingredients that can help combat these effects.

4. Maskne products

Along with the word pandemic and lockdown, Maskne must be one of the ‘words of 2020’. Face coverings – in one form or another – are here to stay and whilst they are vital in stopping the spread of the coronavirus, they play havoc with our skin causing irritation and breakouts. This however, has created the opportunity for soothing face sprays, face masks with zinc oxide and other products that calm the skin to alleviate the symptoms of wearing a face mask.

5. Transfer-proof Make-up

Our mouths and noses may have gone into hiding most of the time, but when our lips do see some light, we want to make sure they still look good. Transfer-proof makeup has made a comeback liquid lipstick which is less likely to come off all over our masks and faces.

6. Microbiome health

There are strong indications that microbiome skincare will be a big trend in 2021 and coming years. The microbiome refers to an ecosystem of living microorganisms on our skin (there are billions of them). We are beginning to see products that combine probiotics and prebiotics (i.e., synbiotics) to more effectively balance the microbiome.

7. Antibacterial haircare

Considering that the average person touches their hair 10 times in one hour, it's probably contaminated with a whole host of bacteria and viruses that you can’t see. International brands such as Safe Hair and BioSilk are starting to develop antibacterial haircare - products (shampoos, cleansing sprays, etc.) with antimicrobial disinfecting agents that eliminate germs while removing dirt and grime.

8. Scientific scalp care

The scalp is finally getting the attention it has always deserved. This little-thought of part the body often gets neglected because (a) for most of us it is covered by hair and (b) we can’t see it. But the truth is, the scalp is skin and an extension of our face. The skin-ification of haircare, is therefore, becoming mainstream. That’s to say there’s much more overlap between haircare and skincare.

9. Plant-based skincare

With some of the most popular and most searched ingredients being bakuchiol, gotu kola, ginger, and witch hazel flowers, plant-based skincare is expected to hit a major surge in 2021. With an increase in eco-conscious consumers, many mass brands are introducing plant-based products.

Chemgrit Cometics is a leading supplier of actives and ingredients to the beauty, skin and personal care industry.

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