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Winter Sunscreen – Yes it is a thing!

As cold temperatures creep in, sunscreen may be the furthest thing from consumer’s minds. However, sunscreen should no longer by considered a summer product that is just marketed during spring and summer months.

Sun damage is not a seasonal thing. Sun damage is not just about the burn – it is also about long-term damage and premature ageing. Sunscreen prevents both skin cancer and up to 80 percent of the signs of ageing.

If sunscreens are only used during warmer, sunnier months, it leaves the skin vulnerable for essentially half the year.

Sunscreen formulations have also come a long way – they are now more pleasant to apply especially on a daily basis and many new products are multi-taskers which can add a shimmering glow to the skin, be used as make-up primers and some even have skin care benefits such as moisturisation.

Sheer Care

Probably one of the biggest issues that most users have is the white cast that sunscreens leave on the skin especially darker skins. Sheer sunscreens that absorb and leave nothing but a healthy shine and protection are now more common. Ingredient manufacturers have created products that offer protection whilst still being comfortable and pleasant to use regardless of whether your skin is dry, combination or oily.

Scalp care

It is not just bald men who need to apply sunscreen to their scalp – dermatologists the world over often find skin cancer on the scalp, especially where the hair parts. Products such as hair mists with SPF in it are a great idea. In addition to protecting the scalp, the UV protection also helps prevent hair colour fade.

Lip Protection

Lip products which have been formulated with sunscreens are becoming more common. These do not only refer to lip balms, but lipsticks as well.

The new kid on the sunscreen block

One of the newer trends is powder sunscreens, which are excellent for touch-ups over makeup, covering your parting and on-the-go reapplication. These powders are now even available in different shades.

Chemgrit Cosmetics represents several ingredient and raw material suppliers in South Africa and supplies a range of ingredients for skin care, personal care and hair care products. We also supply products for household and fabric care products.

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