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7 Upcoming Skin Trends

According to experts, skin recovery solutions are the big up and coming skin trends to look out for, considering many consumers are emerging from summertime in the northern hemisphere and the cold, dry winter in the south. Maskne and other COVID-19-related skin effects continue to make headlines as well with mask-wearing still a firm fixture of many people’s lives. We take a look at some products which have therefore gained popularity in response to these circumstances:

1. Chemical Peels

Including enzymes, lactic acid, AHAs, BHAs or retinol, chemical peels remove the outermost damaged, hyperpig­mented skin cells to uncover brighter, healthier skin beneath. Dermatol­ogists are seeing increased demand for treatments whether it be due to too much sun exposure or as a result of the after-effects of winter and spending too much time indoors next to dehydrating heaters.

2. Skin Care Devices

The pandemic caused a surge in the facial tool industry as dermatologist offices were closed. The growing popularity of wands, at-home LED devices, microcurrent devices, micro-needling and microder­mabrasion is expected to continue as home and maintenance treatments to treat acne, boost collagen production and address sun spots.

3. Microbiome Skin Care

Through recent intense hyper-hygiene practices, the skin and its inhabitants have been stripped. In response, microbiome-focused skin care to nourish, hydrate and soothe is on the rise.

4. Maskne Treatments

As COVID-19 and its variants endure our best attempts at eradication, masking up will be a continued practice. As such, demand for products and ingredients to address mask-related acne, or maskne, will continue; examples include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and topical retinoids.

5. Hair Growth Support

In connection with stress, hair shedding has become a common consumer concern. Hairdressers and dermatologists are seeing many problems and products such as scalp serums, hair growth serums, supplements and others are expected to rise in importance.

6. Pre- and Post-sun Skin Care

In anticipation of bright, summer days, sun protection will be sought to prevent damage, as will antioxidants such as vitamin C and aloe-vera to repair it.

7. Denser Formulas

Winter leaves skin parched and dehydrated and the promise of warmer summer days can have the same effect so richer formulas that focus on repair ingredients such as ceramides, lipid-rich formulas and other "hyper-moisturising" nutritive ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter and fatty acids promise to be popular.

Chemgrit can supply the skin and personal care industry with ingredients that answer the needs of many of these trends, for example Chemyunion’s MIRACNE is a multifunctional 3-in-1 active ingredient that aids in the treatment of acne by reducing the bacteria that causes acne. Chemgrit also supplies nourishing cream bases and other ingredients that address dry skin and scalp conditions.

Chemgrit Cosmetics supplies a range of ingredients for skin care including for male grooming products. For more information contact Chemgrit Cosmetics.

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