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Athleisure Trend

With a growing focus on fitness as a way of life and overall wellbeing, the fashion world has been awash with ‘athleisure’ inspired collections, and it was only a matter of time before this trend filtered into the world of personal care and even household products. From sportswear brands teaming up with personal care brands, to those creating their own product lines to meet the requirements of the ever-growing fitness savvy consumer, active beauty is growing at a rapid pace.

However, this trend is not entirely new as products such as waterpro

of mascaras and other non-comedogenic formulations have been around for some time.

However, the formulators are being pushed to develop this sector even more with products that do not just stand up to sweat while working out but all help with post workout recovery.

Tapping into the needs of the active consumer, fitness-focused sweat-proof make-up collections, post-workout skincare kits, body and hair care products that protect from sweat and heat, and even the less glamourous collections which include

anti-chaffing, antifungal formulas, and antibacterial washing detergents are proving popular, and yet there is still plenty of space to develop products for this market.

Another driving force behind this trend is the rise of the ‘gym selfie’ which has made leading an active and healthy lifestyle an aspiration with Gen-Z consumers in particular, who are embracing athleisure clothing and personal care to further

strengthen their association with this world.

For this reason, many brands are paying close attention to social media platforms such as Instagram and snapchat, using these forums to promote their products.

While convenience and portability are key, as well as keeping skin clean and clear, and removing sweat and odour quickly on the go, there is plenty of opportunity to look beyond the gym bag and into post workout wellness from recovery bath soaks and muscle soothing creams, to a candle perhaps designed to help people wind down quickly after a late-night workout, ready for sleep.

A scented body mist line that aspires to motivate or relax the mind before activity or calm afterwards could prove popular with the continued focus on mental wellness. Or perhaps laundry care products specifically designed to remove sweat and common exercise related stains from the clothes post exercise. The possibilities are truly endless.

Chemgrit through its association with Fragrance Oils can assist with supplying fragrance solutions for personal and household care products.

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