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Home Fragrance Trends

When one uses the word fragrance – delicately scented perfumes and delicious body products come to mind, however fragrance is used not only in most cosmetic products, but in just about every household and cleaning product we use – from laundry detergent and softeners to furniture polish and room sprays.

For years the selection and importance of these fragrances was not necessarily considered that important – their job was really to mask the sometimes-unpleasant chemical aroma of these products. Nowadays, however, the fragrance of these products has become a major selling point.

Consumers now use fragrance to help create atmosphere and ambience – simple pine or lavender – whilst still popular – are no longer good enough. The smell of fresh linen, uplifting herbs and delicate florals help to transform spaces and create experiences.

The growing popularity of fragrance sticks, diffusers and other such products which come in a variety of exotic fragrances from citrus, vanilla, exotic fruits and amber.

The fragrance team at Fragrance Oils International aim to transform functional household products into applications that are a pleasure to use.

Sensory Experience

From washing up liquid and surface spray to toilet cleaner and bleach, we help create a sensory experience that consumers associate with cleanliness, hygiene and wellness.

Now more than ever, consumers expect household products to leave their homes smelling clean and hygienic. However, changing expectations mean people are much more open to new scents.

In the workplace whether it’s a reception area or washroom, the right scent can also help create that all-important first impression.

Seasonal Scents

Scents are also seasonal, so while in summer you may want your home and products to smell fresh and invigorating – think mint and herby fragrances like Basil, when it comes to cooler months fragrances that have create a feeling of warmth are more popular – think of more spicy and woody fragrances like nutmeg, sandalwood and musks.

Watch out for the following scents which are proving popular in 2022:

- Cinnamon

- Chamomile and grapefruit

- Rosemary and lemon

- Tabacco Flower

- Charcoal

Chemgrit Cosmetics represents Fragrance Oils International in South Africa and supplies a range of fragrances for perfumes, personal, household and fabric care. For more information contact or visit


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