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Ingredients for Glass Hair

The term ‘glass hair’ is making headlines in the hair industry. Basically, it refers to hair that's incredibly smooth, soft and shiny, so that it almost looks like glass. It has intense colour and a reflective, high-shine look. As a result of the shine and shine, the hair almost looks reflective like a mirror.

The look is achieved by blow drying and using a flat iron to smooth the cuticles giving the hair an everlasting shine.

While this trend shows a move away from the beach locks and curls look, it does not rely on the permanent straightening techniques which have dominated the hair industry for some time.

According to reports consumers are also looking for more conscious and momentary alternatives, with a focus on flexibility.

All hair fibre is composed of approximately 80% of proteins and other elements such as lipids, water, and pigments, being formed by three parts: cuticle, cortex, and medulla.

It is in the cortex where chemical transformations that result in straightening and curling take place; it constitutes the largest part of the hair fibre and is responsible for flexibility, elasticity, and physical strength.

To achieve a finish such as what is needed for ‘glass hair’ hair product manufacturers are looking ingredients that will work on the hair to promote straightness but will also protect it.

In response to this, leading cosmetic ingredient manufacturer, Chemyunion has created Allinea, an active ingredient for the temporary realignment of hair fibres, thus reducing volume and frizz.

Allinea is a synergistic association of alpha-hydroxy acids, ethyl esters, disaccharide, smectite clay, coconut triglycerides, and the reuse of a plant-based biopolymer called lignin.

These ingredients also provide protection for the keratin from protein denaturation, especially under desiccation and thermal stress conditions, by forming a hydrophobic film, reducing the action of water on the hair, and sealing the cuticles.

Allinea is therefore an ideal ingredient for pre-blowout and straightening treatments.

Chemyunion has a comprehensive range of hair care ingredients which can be used in pretreatment, treatment and finishing products to enhance shine, straighteness and beauty of the hair.

These include:

· Activeshine®, which through the encapsulation technology in cyclodextrins, allows for the gradual deposition of silicone on the hair fibre in a more efficient and homogeneous way, resulting in an intense and lasting shine.

· Activeshine® Amazon 3R, a natural alternative to silicones provides immediate visual improvement. The synergy of lipids present in its composition, reorganises the cuticles, adds shine and softness to the hair fibre, and revitalises the brightness and golden highlights in blonde hair.

· ProShine® is made from 100% plant-based esters, with a high refractive index, that activate an intense hair shine by interacting with hair fibre proteins. Designed within the precepts of Green Chemistry, ensuring high performance of shine and colour enhancement in all types of hair.

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