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Male Grooming Gains Popularity

Grooming products, whether they be for men or women, help individuals to maintain their overall hygiene and physical appearance. In recent years, the male grooming patterns have changed with a significant emphasis on personal appearance, clothing, and beauty treatments. Earlier, male grooming products were limited to shaving creams, deodorants, aftershave colognes and shampoos.

However, as men are becoming more individualistic in terms of developing their style, several products have been introduced for them. These products range from skincare essentials, such as moisturisers, facial creams, face masks and anti-aging products, to cosmetics including bronzers and concealers.

As the attitude toward traditional masculinity has changed, owing to the rising trend of the metrosexual man and the increasing influence of celebrities and influencers, men are now extensively investing in grooming products.

Here are five men’s grooming trends that are becoming more popular:

Pre-Shave Care

Whilst quick morning shaves have their place in the daily routine, they aren’t necessarily the best option. Instead, more and more men are realising the importance of preparing the facial skin for shaving.

Exfoliating helps prepare the skin for shaving. When you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin and dirt, as well as lifting the hairs. This gives you a cleaner and more comfortable shave.

Shaving oil, as opposed shaving cream or gel, is another great product which improves the experience. It softens the hairs and takes away some of the negative affects of using a razor.

Beard Maintenance

Facial hair – be it beards or moustaches have become very popular, however an attractive beard requires good maintenance, just like the hair on your head.

Full ranges of beard products have made their appearance on many shelves. The most common and important product being beard wax balms, which help keep beards looking their best. By using beard balm, growth is stimulated and helps ensure skin is hydrated.

Manicures and pedicures

These treatments are no longer just for ladies. Over the past few years, the idea of a man getting one of these treatments has become entirely normalised. It doesn’t look like this is a trend that is about to disappear any time soon. Products for men’s hands and nails are starting to gain popularity.

The classics

Like all elements of the beauty industry, there are trends in men’s grooming that come and go and there are ones that stay forever. Professional hairstyling and the use of professional hair products is one that seems here to stay.

Chemgrit Cosmetics supplies a products, ingredients and formulations which are suitable for male grooming products.

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